Equipe Sémiotique Cognitive et Nouveaux Médias


Year 2009 - 2010

Online course (M1 level)
European Master of Intercultural Communication (EMICC)
U.S.I. - Lugano


Tai O - Chine
2007 © Peter Stockinger




Online research reports
on selected corpora of amateur video clips

LEPPÄNEN, Jenni (University of Jyväskylä); MESAROS, Bianca Tamara (University Jaume I, Castellon); VAN KAAM, Joëlle (University of Utrecht):"My summer". Collage of memories and representations. Work folder based on the video excerpt "SummerNature" (2006) & "How I spent my summer vacation" (2009).

CAUCIGH, Elodie (University of Cambridge); VINK, Rianne (University of Utrecht): Different perspectives on Amsterdam. Work folder based on three video excerpts "Amsterdam on foot" (2007) & "Amsterdam - The Netherlands" (2007) & "Amsterdam" (2006).

AET, Sarv (University of Tartu); MARTIGNONI, Nicola (University of Lugano): Family party proposal gone wrong. Work folder based on one amateur video clip (2006).

GOMMANS, Linda (University of Utrecht); GROTE, Yoshi (University of Jyväskylä): Strangers. Work folder based on six amateur video clips: "Strangers" (2009); "Re: Strangers" (2009); "Hello?" (2009); "I eat my life" (2009); "Video response: Strangers" (2009); "Stephen Byrne interviews me" (2009).

EDELKOORT, Lotte (University of Utrecht); MESSELINK, Annelies (University of Utrecht): Reality or representation. A short study on the representation of the Ultras Napoli on You Tube. Work folder based on three amateur video clips: "Ultras Napoli arrivati alla capitale" (2008); "Roma - Napoli 31-08-08 scontri in stazione" (2008); "Ultras Napoletani alla Stazione Termini di Roma (video raro)" (2008).

GOMZINA, Irina (University of Jyväskylä); THAUT, E. Marie (INaLCO, Paris): Filmed violence. Fights "caught on vidéo". Work folder based on a corpus of amateur video clips "stagging" situation of interpersonal violence."


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